Monday, June 2, 2014

Error 5644 when trying to enable a SQL Server notification receive location in BizTalk Server

When using the SQL Server broker functionality in order to have SQL Server push notifications to BizTalk instead of polling a table, I've found that the following error is quite common to encounter.

 The Messaging Engine failed to add a receive location "Event1" with URL "mssql://localhost//EventDB" to the adapter "WCF-Custom". Reason: "Microsoft.ServiceModel.Channels.Common.TargetSystemException: The notification callback returned an error. Info=Invalid. Source=Statement. Type=Subscribe.
The error message tells you that the statement entered is invalid, but not in which way. There are a lot of rules to comply with that all are available on MSDN: And beside the "normal" ones such as "do not use aggregate functions" and "do not use an asterisk to define the resultset", one that constantly haunts me are "table names must be qualified with two-part names", meaning that you have to prefix all tables with the schema name, such as "dbo.EventTable". Just using select blah from EventTable where processed=0 will generate the error above.

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