Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Build using msbuild instead of devenv

I have lately encountered a lot of build scripts that are using devenv. I have a hard time seeing why, now that msbuild is available (and has been for quite a while). Even if you don't want to use the massive amount of possibilities that msbuild brings with it, just swapping out the build part in the scripts can be worth it.

For example, the common line I tend to see is this:
DevEnv /rebuild Release %Solution%

A quick replace to this:
msbuild %Solution% /p:Configuration=Release /T:Rebuild
Will give a 30% speed increase in my cases.
If the machine is equipped with several CPU cores (most are), the multicore-switch can give an extra boost:
msbuild %Solution% /p:Configuration=Release /T:Rebuild /m:2

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